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Milan 01/12/2015

Fater spa was awarded a prize among the top three companies for Welfare policies in the Grandi Imprese Centro sector by Assiteca, an international broker operating in Italy, Spain and over 100 countries worldwide. The annual Assiteca Award is directed to those virtuous companies that operate through a policy of risk analysis and implement organizational and process measures aimed at prevention. The Assiteca Award, now on its sixth year, was focused on the Welfare-in-the-company theme, with the objective to take stock of the practices and processes in place to safeguard the fundamental asset, that consists of the persons who work in the companies.

231 companies took part, (among small, medium and large ones) in the ASAM (Association for Business and Management Studies at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan) questionnaires, evaluated by a Scientific Committee composed of university professors and of management schools, journalists and field experts. Fater has implemented welfare policies for many years through a set of activities for the benefit of employees, ranging from support for health care and integrative social security to financing for purchase at discounted rate of electrically assisted bikes, gym, to shopping at the internal company store and various forms of flexibility in order to meet the needs of combining home and work balance.

HR Director of Fater spa, Gianluca Nardone, said: "our vision is to be the best possible workplace, and the corporate welfare system supports this goal.
We have designed a system, through the involvement of the employees themselves, in terms of total rewards, with non-cash solutions (benefits and perks) flanking monetary instruments (salary and variable compensation). The offer includes services that respond to the needs of workers and of their families to meet real needs. The feedback we have from our own people encourage us to continue in this direction".

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