The new Fater headquarters

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The new Fater headquarters

After acquiring an industrial factory near the town of Spoltore (PE), Fater Spa decided to assign the property to a new business hub and research centre.

Pescara October 19, 2016 – After the acquisition of an industrial factory near the town of Spoltore (PE) in October 2016, following a technical study, Fater spa came to the decision of assigning the property to a new business hub and research centre. The new managing and research centre, located a short distance from the current headquarters, will host about 400 Fater staff, now assigned to the headquarters of via Volta in Pescara, and 37 people employed at the Fater Department of Research and Development in Pomezia.

The decision of grouping the via Volta and Pomezia branches in a single managing centre, adjacent to the Fater facilities of via Raiale, responds to the need for incremental spaces following the acquisitions completed by Fater during the recent years, that saw the company employ 350 people globally, of which 150 in Italy.

For the new headquarters it is being devised interior designing which provides open space but also shared and relaxation areas, aimed to improve the work conditions, in order to contribute to greater efficiency in workflows between people working on the same product categories in terms of true sharing and exchange of knowledge. The building, conveniently located along the route 602 in Spoltore, is served by great traffic arteries; it will be renovated according to criteria of environmental compatibility and extended on two levels with appropriate sizing to meet the needs of the company's development for the years to come.
The renovation will be completed within the next 30 months, when the moving will begin.

The choice of acquiring property in one location as managing and research centre confirms the will of the partners and of the company to carry on investments in the territory on the long term.