Fater will make 250,000 masks to be donated to the Civil Protection

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Fater will make 250,000 masks to be donated to the Civil Protection

Fater spa, the leading company in Italy in absorbent products for the person with Pampers and Lines brands, will create 250,000 surgical masks that will be donated to the Italian Civil Protection, which will allocate them.

Pescara, March 28, 2020.
Further quantities of masks, to be produced in the following weeks, will be made available to the Civil Protection at cost price.

Fater has formed a team of product and technology experts to verify the possibility of making surgical masks at the Pescara plant.
Yesterday the technical tests on the line and the performance tests were successfully completed. The mask has been tested in an accredited laboratory and has passed the tests of bacterial filtration effectiveness, breathability and biological risk for medical devices.

The project was developed thanks to the commitment and expertise of all the people involved, who managed to adapt a production line that made feminine sanitary towels. The company will make every effort to start production despite considering the fragility of the raw materials supply line, due to the situation connected to the covid-19, and the technical difficulties associated with a first new production.

Fater’s General Manager Piero Tansella said: "In these moments we feel our work as a service to others. We have tried to put the skills of Fater people available to carry out the production of surgical masks, which are so necessary today. I would like to warmly thank all the people who made this initiative possible in a very short time and in the midst of many difficulties. In this way we want to make our contribution to be at the side of the people and above all of the medical and nursing staff who is an example for the whole country ".