Fater: "Become digital natives"

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Fater: "Become Digital Natives"

The CIONET Italian Chief Information Officers’ award has been given to Fater S.p.A., the company behind the Pampers and Lines brands, for the category INNOVATION OFFICER ITALIA AWARD 2016

Milan, 22 April 2016. Yesterday, 21 April, in Milan, Fater S.p.A. and its ICT Director Domenico Di Francescantonio were awarded by CIONET Italy, the largest community of information technology managers which gathers over 5,500 CIOs in Europe and America.

The CIO+ AWARD aims to identify and reward CIOs who have excelled themselves during the year on projects related to the innovation, efficiency and improvement of processes.

Fater S.p.A., the company behind the Pampers and Lines brands, earned the interest of the jury thanks to “become digital natives”, a series of projects aimed at promoting the practical digitalisation of the company in order to simplify its processes and bring Fater closer to its consumers and stakeholders in an increasingly efficient and transparent process.

Thanks to this innovative approach, Fater has already recorded significant results in the fields of market analysis, digital marketing, e-commerce and, above all, corporate digital partnership

  • Growth of the consumer database from 80,000 to 1,600,000 registered clients, over just 18 months, thanks to several online promotional initiatives that are now simpler and faster to achieve
  • Approach to online shopping with a user-friendly website
  • Creation of a single database for market, consumer and shopper data through an innovative digital platform that enables users to consult the data from any device and customise the view and level of the detail of information.
  • Creation of a social company Intranet to promote the digital culture as well as collaboration and sharing in projects between Fater’s people. Currently, one year after the launch, the social Intranet is used every day by over 70% of Fater employees worldwide, with the availability of 80,000 organised documents just one click away.

The CIONET award is now in its fifth edition. The selection process began with the analysis of over 500 CIO projects. The jury comprises of distinguished experts linked to the ICT sector, including Fabio Fregi (Country Manager, GOOGLE), Alfredo Gatti (Managing Director, CIONET Italy), Enrico Bagnasco (CIO, Intesa San Paolo), Enrico Pagliarini (Journalist, Radio24), Fabrizio Rauso (CDO SOGEI), Francesca Rosella (Chief Creative Director, Cute Circuit), Grazia Strano (Director General, Ministry of Labour and Social Politics), Domenico Vulpiani (Prefect, Ministry of the Interior), Valerio Romano (Managing Director, Accenture).

After its recognition, the winner of the CIO+ INNOVATION OFFICER ITALIA AWARD 2016 will have the opportunity to represent Italy in the international contest (European CIO of the year 2016), to be held on 27 and 28 June in Amsterdam.