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Fater SpA and Kiverdi for advancing the circular economy

Kiverdi supports Fater and the EMBRACED consortium to turn cellulose from recycled diapers into valuable bio-based products.

Fater is pleased to announce its partnership with Kiverdi, Inc. as a part of the EMBRACED project, an EU-funded initiative that promotes the recycling of diapers and other absorbent hygiene products (AHP). Fater upgraded its existing diaper recycling technology to now upcycle used diapers into secondary raw materials, such as plastics, cellulose and absorbing material, which enables their use in higher value applications. The Kiverdi Technology will be used in the EMBRACED project to convert gasified cellulose and plastic into valuable bio-based products.

The EMBRACED Consortium has received funding from the European Union (Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) under Horizon 2020) with the main goal of creating the capability to turn recycled secondary raw materials from used diapers into bio-products such as bio-plastics, fertilizers and high-end chemicals. Kiverdi’s technology will be used to convert syngas from AHP waste cellulose into advanced materials to be purposed for plant nutrition, packaging, and materials for medical applications.

Giovanni Teodorani Fabbri, GM of Fater AHP-R Business Unit, said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Kiverdi to leverage their technology to jointly build upon our diaper recycling technology. We strongly believe in the circular economy and, leveraging the unique experience acquired by FATER in treating this typology of waste, we are committed to demonstrate the first-of-its-kind multipurpose biorefinery which can treat AHP waste and convert it into bio-based building blocks and polymers with the advantages of:

  • Reducing the environmental burden against state of the art treatment/disposal (incineration or landfilling);
  • Spurring the competiveness of biobased products against fossil-based counterparts across Europe and introducing a novel feedstock into Bioeconomy value chains;
  • Creating new business opportunities for large companies and SMEs;
  • Fostering the transformation of waste management operators, SMEs and large companies alike into key players of the biobased and circular economy.”

Dr. Dyson, CEO of Kiverdi, expressed her enthusiasm and support for the work of Fater and EMBRACED, noting, “We are excited to join such a powerful group of changemakers. Fater has shown great leadership in advancing the circular economy with its award-winning diaper recycling technology and we welcome the opportunity to build upon our initial collaboration to meet the objectives of the EMBRACED consortium. What we aim to do together matters. It is our imperative to work with the EMBRACED consortium to close the cycle of raw materials and to make supply chains more sustainable.”


Fater is an Italian company founded in 1958. Since 1992, it is a joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Angelini Group. It manufactures and distributes the brand products ACE, Neoblanc and Comet in EMEA; in Italy, Fater is market leader in personal hygiene products. It produces and sells brand products such as Pampers (diapers), LINES (feminine hygiene), LINES Specialist and Tampax. Fater is a dynamic company that invests around 4% of its annual turnover in innovation. Consumer and market knowledge, shared competences and search for efficiency are the drivers of growth in the long term. The headquarters are in Pescara: the Italian manufacturing facilities are located in Pescara and Campochiaro (CB). Other plants abroad include facilities in Portugal (Porto), Morocco (Mohammedia) and Turkey (Gebze).


Kiverdi, Inc., is a privately held biotech company developing beneficial uses of carbon dioxide with a mission to commercialize supply chain solutions that enable the circular economy and address climate change. To do so, Kiverdi is commercializing its NASA-inspired technology that uses natural microorganisms to transform carbon dioxide, along with other simple mineral nutrients and gases, into raw materials for everyday products, such as clothes, personal care items or industrial goods. Kiverdi’s platform technology offers a highly flexible and novel approach to the use of microorganisms to produce a myriad of bio-based products. By recycling carbon, Kiverdi is working to bridge the gap between sustainability and profitability, enabling a future of abundance.

For more information: kiverdi


The EMBRACED project will demonstrate, in a relevant industrial environment, a replicable, economically viable and environmentally sustainable model of integrated biorefinery based on the valorisation of the cellulosic fraction of Post-Consumer AHP waste in producing bio-based building blocks, polymers, and fertilizers. The biorefinery will use a circular economy approach, closing the cycle of raw materials and minimising the use of primary resources. EMBRACED is an international consortium with the following partners: FATER S.P.A, PROCTER & GAMBLE I/O, SAPONIA, FERTINAGRO, S.L., WITTENBURG, LEGAMBIENTE, NOVAMONT S.P.A., CONTARINA S.P.A., FRAUNHOFER, FUNDACION CIRCE, EDIZIONI AMBIENTE, AEB Amsterdam, TERRACYCLE.

For more information: EMBRACED project