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Fater signs the "Manifest for the circular economy"

For innovative and sustainable development that promotes "Made in italy" in the best possible way.

bulgari, enel, ferragamo, intesa sanpaolo, novamont, eataly and costa are the other participating companies.

Rome, 29 November 2017 - At the Auditorium Confindustria in Rome, in the presence of the Minister for the Environment, Hon. Gian Luca Galletti, the "Manifest for Circular Economy" was signed today by a small and select group of large Italian companies. One of them was Fater, an equal joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Gruppo Angelini, in addition to Bulgari, Enel, Ferragamo, Intesa Sanpaolo, Novamont, Eataly and Costa Crociere. The objective of the Manifesto is to stimulate collaboration between the companies, favouring the sharing of good practices, actions and common projects involving all the players of the ecosystem: customers, local and national institutions, reference communities, associations and suppliers.

“The integration of innovation and environmental sustainability in the corporate business model finds its best representation in circular economy and, above all, it is possible” said Giovanni Teodorani Fabbri, General Manager of the Business Unit dedicated to Absorbent Personal Product Recycling for Fater. "An example is the plant that we recently opened in Treviso - the first in the world on an industrial scale capable of recycling 100% of used absorbent products (baby and adult diapers and feminine pads), transforming them into secondary raw materials that can be reused and therefore reintroduced onto the market."

The environmental and economic advantages of the plant Fater has built, which can process up to 10,000 tonnes of used products per year, are clear: first of all, the elimination of absorbent products from landfills and incinerators, preventing emissions equivalent to those absorbed each year by more than 30 thousand trees. If extended throughout the entire national territory, this industrial system would allow us to reduce the climate altering emissions produced each year by more than 100 thousand vehicles. And then there is the recycling into high quality raw materials that will be able to be used in multiple new productions. In fact, from 1 tonne of sorted waste collected, it will be possible to obtain up to 150 kg of cellulose, 75 kg of plastic and 75 kg of super absorbent polymer that will be able to be used in new production processes.

The all-Italian technology that was developed and patented by Fater, market leader in Italy for the production and sale of absorbent personal products, makes a category of products reusable that had not been recyclable until now. This is a "Made in Italy" example of circular economy that earned the company Legambiente recognition as "Circular Economy Champion", awarded directly by the European Commission.
"Fater and their stakeholder, P&G and Gruppo Angelini, have always believed in the principles of the circular economy and being one of the signers of the “Circular Economy Manifest" today fills us with pride and is further confirmation of the validity of our strategy” Giovanni Teodorani Fabbri concluded.