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REWORDS 2013: FATER is the most sustainable company.

Fater SPA ranked 1st in the Rewords 2013 list of the most sustainable companies.
The constant attention to safety, the reduction of industrial waste, energy efficiency actions, green logistics and the experimental system to recycle used diapers are just a few of the evaluated areas.

Fater was rewarded for integrating sustainability in the corporate policy and business strategies, for the positive corporate environment,  for its focus on local community and for  the constant exchange with its stakeholders.

During the survey carried out in the company by Rewords for Italian companies and Multinational Corporations, which have stated their commitment to sustainability, the main spokespersons of Fater have been interviewed (institutions, associations, suppliers and customers) with regard to their opinions on the sustainability of the company.

Those opinions were then completed with the evaluation of Fater personnel, through special questionnaires.

This achievement rewards the commitment of the entire Fater team and proves that sustainability can be actually achieved when the whole organization is driven towards innovation.

Diaper landfill can be a thing of the past as game changing diaper recycling technology works on an industrial scale for the first time


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