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FATER and the Food Bank to help those most in need

2013 - Fater has given the Abruzzo Food Bank a new cold room store from which the Charity may also provide needful households  with frozen food supplied by food distribution companies and farms. The Director-General of Fater spa, Mr. Roberto Marinucci, has met the President of the Abruzzo Food Bank, Mr. Luigi Nigliato, to formalize Fater’s donation of a cold room to the Food Bank. Thanks to this contribution, the Bank may now broaden its help to needful households, also collecting and delivering frozen products supplied by manufacturers and distributors. The cold room can reach a temperature of  –25°C, has a capacity of 80 cubic metres (7.2 metres x 3.5 x 3.2) and shall be installed at the operating center of the Bank in via Celestino V in Pescara by October 2013. In this way the Abruzzo Food Bank, which already owns isothermal trucks with refrigeration units, can complete the so-called "cold chain".

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