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Baby Care


In the Baby Care product category, Fater is appreciated for its Pampers diapers, the most sold in Italy. The company has been developing diapers since 1963, constantly offering more innovative products by proposing over time new concepts of diapers and widening the category of Baby Care products with wet wipes and underpads for diaper changes.


Pampers meet the needs of every mother by offering 4 diaper product line-ups: “Progressi”, to follow the growth of the baby with a specific diaper for each age; “Baby Dry”, the unbeatable dry diapers; “Sole & Luna”, Pampers quality diapers at the best price and “Easy Up”, diaper pants. The range of products is completed with Pampers wipes and underpads for diaper changes or bed protection.

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Feminine Care


Fater, the first company in Italy to propose a disposable sanitary pad, the first to produce an ultra-thin pad, the first to produce a pad in lactifless, is the first preference of Italian women. In the category of feminine hygiene care, Fater offers diversified products through its brands: “Lines” for sanitary pads, “Intervallo” for pantyliners and “Tampax” for tampons.


Lines is the most complete range of feminine sanitary pads: 5 product line-ups created with the feedback of consumers, products designed to meet the needs of every woman during her menstrual period. 

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Intervallo, Intervallo Velo and Intervallo Lady are the three pantyliner line-ups to fit every need, from everyday freshness to absorbency for small leaks.

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Tampax is the leading brand in tampons, discreet and comfortable for women so they do not have to give up their own freedom even during their menstrual period.

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Adult Incontinence Care

Fater has been developing incontinence products since 1979: a contribution to help people affected by incontinence regain a dignified lifestyle.


Lines Specialist is the Fater brands in the incontinence category.


Fabric and Home Care

Since the acquisition in 2013 of this category of products, Fater has given it an immediate and considerable boost, expanding the product line-up with new versions and introducing new products in mousses and gels.
After having added the fabric and home care cleaning products to its line-up, Fater is now a company operating in 39 countries.
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