Fater for young people: the football school

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Fater for young people: the football school

Pescara 11/11/2015 - A brand new, regulation-sized synthetic turf pitch with lighting and welcoming facilities. You would think this is the ideal set for the training of a prestigious, first-league football team. You would expect professionals practising new diagrams and tight dribbling virtuosity. Instead you will find a group of 10-year-old kids yelling and running after the ball, putting a strain on the two coaches, focused on demanding discipline.

Thus begins our visit to the Fater Football School of via Raiale in Pescara. Founded in 2004 as an initiative for the children of employees, it is now a prominent structure in the area of youth development and sports promotion on a regional level. Backed by Fater, the football school has been able to express an increasing technical level and since 2007 the opportunity to enroll in the courses has been extended to all the young people interested. The numbers give a sense of the relevance achieved: 180 subscribers in the 2015-2016 season, distributed in 9 different categories, from 5 year-old boys to 20/25 year-old amateurs . The technical structure consists of 10 FIGC coaches; all of them have successfully attended technical courses, some even at the technical center of Coverciano.

The passion of players and supervisors led to the participation in the first category league by the amateur team of the school. Watching a training of the younger ones, there are more than 80 children from five to twelve divided into teams, up to novice category, offers the true meaning of Fater's commitment, even in the sports sector.

"PLAY – LEARN – HAVE FUN is the motto of the Fater School Football, "Competitive spirit is not the ultimate goal" - said Ivano De Simone the football school manager – "what we want is to hand down an honest and respectful relationship with sport and opponents, where results derive from commitment and passion."
This is the reason why the school staff has added a locomotor instructor who directs the youngsters, helping to preserve a healthy growth.
We interview a 10 year-old boy at his 3rd year in the football school, he looks conscious with his uniform still immaculate before training "I've been in the school for two years, I get along well with my companions even though we all wish to be attackers" – and then, pushed for, he adds "I scored a goal via free-kick, it was awesome, the only thing I don't like is when the training is over".

"History repeating itself" - says coach Gianni Colazilli - "maximum attention to the explanation of the basics and diagrams but when the ball is in the field you feel the boys' vibes and their real fun, as it was for us; this experience is like a time machine back to the future, it always gives me a thrill. "